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Business activities

TomskNIPIneft is the easternmost in Western Siberia, which is performing a full cycle of scientific and design works for oil and gas industry companies. The range of projects - from geological prospecting works and estimation of the hydrocarbon potential of regions up to projects for the development of major oil and gas-condensate fields, from integrated project of oil and gas fields construction up to petroleum storage depots and filling stations, from infield up to main oil and gas pipelines, from gas treatment plant up to oil and gas-condensate refining unit into engine fuel.

Scope of activity:

  • Processing and integrated interpretation of seismic data, and design of geological prospecting work;
  • Re-estimation of reserves and feasibility study of oil recovery factor;
  • Preparation of process design package and monitoring of hydrocarbon fields development;
  • Drawing up the integrated plans of field development;
  • Laboratory-based analysis of core, oil samples and other fluids;
  • Long-term core storage;
  • General design of oil and gas fields facilities;
  • Conceptual design of facilities and oil and gas extraction complexes;
  • Development of industrial safety declaration;
  • Design engineering of the construction and reconstruction of oil and gas production, transportation and treatment units, gas supply, power and civil facilities;
  • Integrated works for the rational use of associated petroleum gas, including the application of new technologies for gas treatment;
  • Designing the construction of oil, gas and water wells;
  • Design work on environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and environmental monitoring of fields;
  • Engineering surveys for construction;
  • Design and development of IT systems;
  • Designer supervision and construction compliance monitoring of oil and gas field facilities construction projects.